As a young woman I travelled the world to meet people and foreign cultures. I have lived in and visited countries and cities in our continents. Thanks to these encounters and journeys I have found peace to explore my inner rooms, in between darkness and light just as with painting – a longing to examine the colours, this magic material.

To me, creation is a meeting, an exploring meeting. This is where I experience the subconscious layers of my self and, with help from the possibilities of the colours, visualize them. It’s in the artistic process that I am in constant development. With my images I try to reach the poetical in painting and thereby touch upon something in the observer – a memory, a longing, a feeling which awakens something slumbering. It’s in literature and in nature, but above all in the myths, that I find my inspiration.

In the myths and in the primeval images I can see that we all have a common belonging, a relationship with each other from our different cultural heritages.

Membership: KRO, KC Öst, UKK

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